Tile Art Fundraising

Recreational Art Studio turns individual art projects into tile walls of colorful art creating unique art fundraising ideas and opportunities. Tile installations created from a School Tile Wall Fundraiser leave lasting memories in school hallways or raise major funds for Capital Campaigns in art museums, hospitals and schools alike.

A wall of tiles can beautify your school, showcase student talent, commemorate a graduating class, inspire school spirit, and celebrate creativity. Recreational Art Studio offers a wide variety of tile sizes to create unique tile exhibits at your school or business! Run a tile wall fundraiser at your school and involve your whole community in one of the best school fundraising ideas around!

  • Multiple tile sizes including 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10

  • Finishes including matte, satin, high gloss

  • Tiles can be placed inside OR outside and on permanent OR mobile structures

  • Price point determined by your school

  • Do it yourself fundraiser or we can come in to your organization and host tile painting events

  • Installation options available and can be installed on almost any vertical or horizontal surface

  • E-brochures and fundraiser signup sheet templates are available to download and print

  • Complimentary use of secure online payment portal for your organization

We are here to help and answer questions! Give us a call at (980)258-8311.